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Welcome to MSMS Chemistry with Mrs. Truitt

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Fall 2017

SC 366 Properties of Matter
    1st/2nd period MWF; Lab: Thursday 1st/2nd period
SC 355 AP Chemistry
    4th period (meets every day)

SC 357 Organic Chemistry
    6th Period; Lab: Tuesday 5th period

AP Chemistry and Properties of Matter/Chem Reactions students and parents can access the course syllabus and assignment schedule on the course page (click link on the left). All other documents for AP and PoM/CR will be posted in the documents section of the course page on

Organic Students:
Please use the Forms & Docs link under Organic Chemistry to the left  to access class documents. 

All students may schedule office hours using the link under "HELP!"  Drop ins are also welcome when time is available!!


September 2014

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HAPPY LABOR DAY!  You have definitely earned a long weekend after the last week of August.  Hope everyone takes some time to relax and play this weekend--remember, it's all about balance.  If there's work to be done, attend to that--but take some time to enjoy "not school" life, too.

You've experienced your first "week before extended" at MSMS.  These are usually the most trying weeks--most teachers try to make some sort of assessment, a quiz or a test, just before a break. You should expect these super busy weeks and not waste time the week (or even 2 weeks) before an extended or a break.  Plan ahead and study all through a unit--whether it's science,math, English, or history! Don't be discouraged if your first test score wasn't what you expected or hoped--now you know what to expect, and whether the time you spent preparing was enough to accomplish your goals. Remember that asking for assistance at tutorials or office hours is ALWAYS a good idea. Come with specific questions in mind, so we will know where to begin. And...practice, practice, practice!!
We begin work on Element Projects on Tuesday Sept. 2.  It's always great to see the amazing creativity many students show in their presentations.  Remember creativity does not necessarily mean great artistic talent--it does means presenting information in a unique and interesting way.

Well we're definitely in the deep end, learning the language of organic chemistry! Once we get through the chapter on nomenclature, we'll begin to explore organic reaction  types. We'll finish up the Melting Point Lab this week, move on to Boiling Points (NOT three weeks!) and then begin some reactions work in Lab as well.  I can't promise to be perfect with every explanation or every detail, but I do promise that I'll continue to prepare to the best of my ability.  If we're all working together, we will all know more in December than we do right now. 
Please come talk to me if I can help in any way in your college searching and planning.  I know that's high on your priority list this fall--and it should be.  Don't stress--you will all have multiple opportunities to continue your education beyond MSMS. That's one of my favorite parts about this school: the new possibilities available to graduates that wouldn't be there had they stayed at home. All your hard work WILL be worth it!

August 2014

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WELCOME PARENTS! Thank you so much for sharing your student with us this year. This is the place where you can find details about the schedule and requirements for your student's Chemistry class.  This website is primarily for THEM, but you are welcome to peek in whenever you are curious--from here you can find schedules, assignments and due dates.  Each course is listed to the left, and the "Forms and Docs" page for each course contains the syllabus, the HW schedule (that includes the topic for class each day and quiz/test dates), and any project information.  

Properties of Matter
Welcome to MSMS Chemistry!  Hold on to your lab coats because we will be up to speed pretty quickly!  Many of you taking this course have some experience in Chemistry, while for others this is all brand new.Wherever you are, please give your best and seek help when you need it! On the sidebar at the left you will see a link to schedule appointments for tutoring during office hours.  This class will require a good amount of studying time outside of class--please stay current and ask for assistance sooner rather than later! Take a careful look at the Forms and Docs link on the sidebar--you need to memorize symbols and polyatomic formulas over the next few weeks.  Use smartphone apps or quizlets and get these in your brain pronto.  Your homework assignments for the month of August are posted--please pay attention to due date!! The first unit test will be here before you know it. Hang in there with me, folks--you can DO this! :)

We're off on a great adventure together, ladies and gents!  Many of you are already familiar with this website and what my organizational structure is like.  If you're new to "Truitt-style", ask me or a classmate if you have questions. I'm trying to fill some pretty big shoes in teaching this course. Organic Chem is much more conceptual than first year (inorganic) chem--so not as much emphasis on calculations (there will be some). Also you will be drawing structures much more; homework will be pencil and paper style rather than Mastering Chem. What hasn't changed is my willingness to help you when you're struggling.  I've simplified finding the appointment calendar for office hours--just click the URL on the left <--  Looking forward to an exciting semester of learning together!

Happy Summer!!

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Welcome to the MSMS, Class of 2016!!  In not too many weeks you'll be wrapping up July and packing up to move to your new home for the next 2 years.  Get ready to learn MUCH more than Science & Math--these 2 years will be some of the most instructive and exciting you will experience.  In the meantime, rest and play this summer!  You will be glad you did when August arrives!

I'll see you on August 2nd!

Class of 2015:  Hope you're having an awesome summer as well--some of you will be interested to look carefully at the sidebar (on the left of the page) to see the courses I'll be teaching in the Fall. 

See you soon!

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