September 2014

posted Aug 29, 2014, 3:04 PM by Kaye Truitt   [ updated Aug 29, 2014, 3:05 PM ]
HAPPY LABOR DAY!  You have definitely earned a long weekend after the last week of August.  Hope everyone takes some time to relax and play this weekend--remember, it's all about balance.  If there's work to be done, attend to that--but take some time to enjoy "not school" life, too.

You've experienced your first "week before extended" at MSMS.  These are usually the most trying weeks--most teachers try to make some sort of assessment, a quiz or a test, just before a break. You should expect these super busy weeks and not waste time the week (or even 2 weeks) before an extended or a break.  Plan ahead and study all through a unit--whether it's science,math, English, or history! Don't be discouraged if your first test score wasn't what you expected or hoped--now you know what to expect, and whether the time you spent preparing was enough to accomplish your goals. Remember that asking for assistance at tutorials or office hours is ALWAYS a good idea. Come with specific questions in mind, so we will know where to begin. And...practice, practice, practice!!
We begin work on Element Projects on Tuesday Sept. 2.  It's always great to see the amazing creativity many students show in their presentations.  Remember creativity does not necessarily mean great artistic talent--it does means presenting information in a unique and interesting way.

Well we're definitely in the deep end, learning the language of organic chemistry! Once we get through the chapter on nomenclature, we'll begin to explore organic reaction  types. We'll finish up the Melting Point Lab this week, move on to Boiling Points (NOT three weeks!) and then begin some reactions work in Lab as well.  I can't promise to be perfect with every explanation or every detail, but I do promise that I'll continue to prepare to the best of my ability.  If we're all working together, we will all know more in December than we do right now. 
Please come talk to me if I can help in any way in your college searching and planning.  I know that's high on your priority list this fall--and it should be.  Don't stress--you will all have multiple opportunities to continue your education beyond MSMS. That's one of my favorite parts about this school: the new possibilities available to graduates that wouldn't be there had they stayed at home. All your hard work WILL be worth it!