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SC 355 AP Chemistry

The purpose of Advanced Placement Chemistry is to provide a college level course in chemistry and to prepare the student to seek credit and/or appropriate placement in college chemistry courses. A rigorous course, AP Chemistry meets each day and will delve deeply into central concepts of chemical science. Each student is expected to take the AP Exam in May.

 At its core, AP Chemistry focuses on and is organized around six Big Ideas:

1.       Structure of Matter

2.       Physical and Chemical Properties of Matter

3.       Chemical Reactions

4.       Chemical Kinetics and Rates of Reaction

5.       Thermodynamics

6.       Chemical Equilibrium

The tentative sequence of topics is as follows:

Unit 0 - Measurement, Dimensional Analysis, Introduction

Unit 1 - Structure of Matter

Unit 2 - Properties of Matter

Unit 3 - Chemical Reactions

Unit 4 - Chemical Kinetics

Unit 5 - Thermodynamics

Unit 6 - Chemical Equilibrium

Other topics:     Nuclear Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Introductory Organic Chemistry

Students and parents may use the links below to access the course syllabus and each quarter's assignment schedule. All other course documents are available to students in the documents section of the course page at MasteringChemistry.com.

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